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 Cierra ~Healer~

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PostSubject: Cierra ~Healer~   Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:41 pm

Name: Cierra
Meaning: Black, in Irish.
Age: 36 Years
Gender: Female
Clan: NightClan
Rank: Healer
Family: Mother~ Moon *Died from Sunclan warrior* Father~ Crow *Died from Sunclan deputy*
Apprentice: *Open*
Appearance: Cierra is a soft black dragon, with a medium sized body. Her wings are sharp, as well as her horns/ears. Her teeth aren't very sharp, but they are pearly white, her claws are also not so sharp. Her eyes are a dark green color, and her chest is a dark cream color. Cierra's tail is long, pointy tail. With spikes on the top, and the cream color on the bottom.
Personality: Cierra is a grumpy dragon. She doesn't like when people just talk to her, it annoys her. She prefers to be alone and sort out herbs, or just clean around a little bit. Cierra is a brave dragon, and helps out when wars brake out, she always makes sure everyone is healed, or token care of, so she doesn't have to do it later. She also is very picky about what she eats. She also doesn't like most privates. She feels like they annoy her with silly questions, and talk to much. But she still respects everybody and their needs. But sometimes, when she sees things happening over and over again, that she knows it isn't right.. she will get curious.
History: Cierra was born at the beginning of a war. This war was between Sunclan, and of course, Nightclan. The fight had started when her father objected to Nightclan not being able to hunt in the river. Then their was arguing, and it came to fighting. Anyways, she was born inside a hole, covered with tree logs, leaves, and other things at the entrance. She remembered her mother there with her, and a few others, and two older dragons. Her mother had said; "Cierra, my darling, I promise you to get the best of wishes from me when I pass. I love you." Then, she saw her mother escape threw the entrance. Never to be seen again. Mid-way threw the war, the queens found out Cierra was blind in her left eye. At first, Cierra was devastated. But got used to it by the time she was an apprentice. When Cierra was almost a warrior, the healer had died from a dragon in the clan. The dragon was sent away, and killed. The only dragon who knew the most about herbs was Cierra. So she became a healer instead. She remembered the day, the day her eyes lit up with amazement and sadness. Now she is here. A healer.
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Cierra ~Healer~
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